6 Reasons Why Using a Bidet Is Healthier Than Toilet Paper

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The bidet has been around for more than 4 centuries but it never got as popular of an option as toilet paper. People who own these units say that they would never go back to regular wiping but those who have never used a bidet say that they are less likely to try it. If you are one of the people who has never used one and if you are interested in knowing how it can help you, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to list some of the reasons why using a bidet is healthier than toilet paper, and we will tell you why it is going to be beneficial for you and your family to switch to using just the stream of water and give up on the traditional wiping.

1. It’s gentler

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When we use toilet paper, we may come across a brand that is too harsh for us, and if we put a bit more pressure, we may end up causing irritation, and we may even injure ourselves. The likelihood of this happening when we have bowel irritation is even greater, and having to use paper more than a few times per day can cause serious harm to our intimate area. When we compare that to a bidet, we will see that the gentle stream of water is not going to do us any harm, no matter how often we use it, and it is also way better for people who have sensitive skin, or even younger adults and children. The water is not going to cause any type of irritation, and we will not feel any discomfort.

2. Less likely to cause a rash

We’ve all suffered from a type of rash or irritation that was caused by toilet paper, and not many of us know that this can be easily avoided if we switch to bidets instead of the traditional wiping. Ž

When we wipe, our hands may come in contact with our intimate area, and that could lead to germ spreading, and we may end up with a rash. These rashes can become a serious problem, and they can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful. Depending on the type of rash, we may end up treating the problem for weeks, or even months, and every time we wipe, we are going to feel pain. Once again, this can be completely avoided when we just use water, and it is a far more sanitary option.

3. They are better for cleaning

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The main reason why we use these things is to clean ourselves after we go to the bathroom, and most of us believe that just wiping with paper is going to do the job, but this is not the case. More often than not, we don’t wipe properly, and until the next time we go to shower, we may end up with some fecal matter still left where it should not be. We don’t shower after going to the bathroom every time, and we may end up even sleeping with that fecal matter. The stream of water that comes from the bidet is going to help you ensure that you are completely clean, and even if you go to the bathroom before sleeping, you will know that you won’t end up with a mark on your underwear.

4. Avoid infections

If we are not properly cleaned, the germs are going to stay close to our intimate area, and that will lead to infections sooner or later. Just because you haven’t gotten an infection till now, it does not mean that you are not at risk. When we use bidets, we know that we are clean and that no matter what we need to do next, we won’t have to deal with issues or even smell. Know that there are many types of bidets on the market, and they are far more affordable than one might think. As you can see on Samodra, these units are budget-friendly, versatile, and easy to use, so you won’t need any time to get used to them and start cleaning yourself properly.

5. Better for people with disabilities

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from mobility issues or have been diagnosed with some sort of disability. Being able to use the restroom on your own is something that everyone should be entitled to, but there are many people who cannot do this because they cannot properly move and wipe with ease. So, toilet paper presents an issue for these individuals, and it is pretty challenging for them to reach back and clean themselves. With the bidet, these issues are going to be avoided, and everyone can easily clean themselves with just a push of a button. People with disabilities don’t have to rely on their caretakers to help them clean themselves after going to the bathroom, and this is beneficial both physically and emotionally.

6. You won’t come in contact with fecal matter

Unfortunately, we’ve all come in contact with fecal matter when we wiped ourselves. It does not happen often, but it can definitely happen to everyone. There are many discomforts and risks that come with this, and if we have a scratch or a wound on our hands or fingers, we can easily get infected and risk the fecal matter getting in our bloodstream. This is especially true for young children who learn how to wipe on their own, and who still don’t know how to properly clean themselves. With the bidet, all of these things and risks are going to be avoided, and the stream of water is going to clean you without you having to worry that you are not going to place the toilet paper properly.

Know that these products are also better for people who suffer from hemorrhoids and those who have sensitive skin or any type of problems. Overall, the bidets are a better option than wiping, and they are also much eco-friendlier and better for your pocket. The amount of water that you are going to use during the month is going to cost you far less than the toilet paper you use, and once you start using the bidet, you will never go back to wiping.

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