Dustin Diamond Net Worth 2022

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Dustin was an amazing person, with his talent he entertained hundreds of people and made them laugh till their stomachs started hurting. He is most popularly known for his role as Screech in the show Saved by the bell and its other related parts. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2022 on the 1st of February.

But he left a major mark in the comedy industry as well as the acting industry and has gained numerous followers. This article has all details about his life and his net worth before he died, so continue reading.

About Dustin Diamond

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His full name is Dustin Neil Diamond. His birthdate is the 7th of January. He was born in the year 1977 and he was just 44 when he passed away. It was very heartbreaking for his fans when they got to know about his death. He died because of 4th stage cancer in his lungs, he battled it with what he loved the most, acting and comedy.

Early Life And Family

His family was into tech, his father was a teacher in a computer processing firm while his mother used to be a computer operator. He was born and brought up in California.

In the year 2009, he got married to his girlfriend Jennifer Misner. They had been together for a long time and then finally decided to lock their relation. Sadly they went through a divorce later.

His Career And Major Milestones

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He started his career at the age of 11, his first most popular show was saved by the bell. It aired in the year 1989 and its first episode itself was a major hit. Later his career continued in the same series of spin-offs. The series continued for about thirteen years.

His career took a pause and he struggled for some time, later he started stand-up comedy and several live shows. He says that comedy is also a noble profession just like being a doctor or an engineer. He also acted in a few films including the famous American Pie.

He is also an author, he wrote a book about the scenes of his famous sitcom, it is called Behind the Bell.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Dustin Diamond

  • His family was Jewish.
  • He was arrested and later went to jail for a certain amount of time because he was found carrying a weapon illegally. It was also like a drop in his career but he came back to the industry.
  • He was also accused of stabbing a person once because he got into a fight related to his girlfriend.
  • He was also featured in a sex tape once in the year 2006. It also went viral because of his previous role as Screech.
  • A very interesting thing about him is that he is a black belt owner in karate.

Net Worth

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Before his death, his net worth was around 1 million dollars. Most of his earnings were through the show he acted in Saved by the bell and through his films. Other sources of income were stand-up comedy and live shows.

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