Ed Bolian Net Worth 2022

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Car enthusiasts will instantly recognize the name of Ed Bolian, founder of the extremely successful platform VINwiki. Ed’s revolutionary idea was to create a social vehicle reporting platform that would tell users the unique story about their cars. VINwiki has an estimated sale of 1 to 5 million dollars.

Well, the owner of such a successful start-up is bound to be loaded with wealth. Let’s explore his early life and his achievements to find out the secret of his success!

About Ed Bolian

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Ed Bolian is the founder of the platform VINwiki which allows users to find out the complete history of a car model. At some point, Ed used to own a company called Great White Reptiles which used to breed albino iguanas. After that, he started his own successful exotic car rental company called Supercar Rentals. His love for cars was a major motivation in the formation of VINwiki.

Early Life and Family

Ed Bolian studied Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was a wild student and was known for disrupting lectures throughout the campus.

Bolian had wanted to start his own car rental company since high school. He kept Supercar Rentals confined to Los Angeles at first before taking on to Atlanta, where his business boomed.

To start his company, Bolian sold his custom-made 2000 Audi S4. He used the money to go forward with his business model.

Bolian never stopped learning and continued to take up various business-related courses to improve his knowledge.

Ed lives in Alpharetta in Georgia with his wife Megan and son Graham. The family has an active social life and regularly contributes to charities.

Career and Major Milestones

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Here are some major milestones from Ed Bolian’s career:-

  • From 2001-2006, Ed owned a company called Great White Reptiles which specialized in the breeding of albino iguanas. The company had every single Heterozygous known for Albino iguanas and even participated in various research programs.
  • His exotic car rental company called Supercar Rentals, Inc was started in 2006. The company had a diverse stock which ranged from Porsches to Land Rovers. Ed sold the inventory in 2010.
  • Ed worked for Lamborghini for 6 years as a dealer and made the Georgia outlet number one in various criteria such as sales volume.
  • In 2016, Ed started his revolutionary VINwiki which inspires people to curate the history of various cars around them. VINwiki has excellent ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Ed Bolian

Ed Bolian, like most successful people, is a very interesting person. Here are a few things that you didn’t know about him:-

  • He owns a boa constrictor named Sunny the LamBoa.
  • He enjoys mentoring the youth in Alpharetta
  • He is a diligent church attendee and contributors regularly to the Alpharetta Baptist Church’s volunteer programs.
  • He enjoys comedy and even won a stand-up comedy award at his college fest.

Net Worth of Ed Bolian

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Ed has accumulated a fortune of $5 million through his various innovative ventures. His company, VINwiki is currently worth about 2 million dollars and it seems that the platform will only continue to grow because VINwiki attracts 20 thousand unique visitors every month.

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