How to Reduce the Size of a PDF File for Emailing?

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Attaching PDF files in an email is now easier than ever. However, email supports certain file sizes and if the size of your attachment exceeds that limit, you will be notified to compress the file size and try attaching it again.

You will find several tools online that enable emailers to reduce the size of their files so that it is email ready. Several such online portals are easy and free to use. The best part about using them is that you are also not required to log in to the website to avail the services.

Don’t believe the ones who say that the quality of images in your PDF (if any) deteriorates and the quality of the PDF itself is impacted upon compressing. You can check out more information on

Although PDF is no doubt one of the popular file formats in which documents are shared among users, most of the clients maintain a cap of only 25 megabytes for such types of files. If your document’s size exceeds the cap limit, then you need to reduce the size with the help of various software available online. Let us know more about how you can easily get your files compressed without any hassle.

How do Software Reduce The Size Of PDFs?

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Online software is capable of reducing the size of PDFs. At first, they classify and remove the parts that are repeated in the document and have almost similar identifiers. The software then carries out the optimization process. This is done to ensure that the quality of the document does not get impacted.
Next, you need to simply save the new and reduced version of your document so that you can then attach it to the email.

Compressed PDFs do not find applications only in emails, but they also serve various purposes at several other places. These files not only have smaller sizes but are also easy to use and store. Also, when you try to upload files of reduced sizes, you can easily upload them in less time. Not only for online upload, as far as local storages are concerned, these files load quickly, and also will not impact your system’s speed.

Online software available is made accessible to the extent possible by the developers. The best part of using such systems is that you can get your files compressed anywhere, anytime. Also, the software is supported on almost all browsers and can be accessed through any system, may it be Linux, Windows, etc.

However, you should always remember that since it is an online portal, you must always download your reduced PDFs, as they may get lost as soon as you press the refresh button.

You can choose to compress the document directly from Gmail as well, if using your Gmail’s email address to send an email.

Compress Your PDF Directly from Gmail!

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There is a gmail extension available that makes the process of compressing PDFs easy. However, one of the drawbacks of compressing the file directly from Google Mail is that you need to download the software extension to get started.

These extensions are quite easy to use. They also allow the users to compress their PDF files in a few clicks, if they are trying to send the file in an email.

You are required to download the extension for compressing PDF and then install it in your system so that it starts working.

If you are not able to see the extension in your browser then probably your browser has blocked these extensions. In such a scenario, you need to grant permission to these extensions from the settings section.

Once done, open Gmail and then you need to compose your email body. Choose your file, and if it requires compressions, get it compressed from the extension and then add it to your email.

Things to Know

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The PDF Compress Software works on compressing file sizes without compromising the quality of files. With these software, you can rest assured that they will maintain high quality of the compressed document. It is one of the major reasons why the software doesn’t allow users to select the rate at which they want to reduce the file size. Choosing a considerably low rate of reduction of files may impact the quality and as a result the content and images in the file will not be properly visible.

The software ensures that the quality of the output documents is preserved. If the size of the reduced file is still more than the capoed limit of your email service provider, you can choose to drag the file back to the software tool and the tool tries to reduce its size further without compromising the quality, and ensuring that the quality is not impacted.

However, you should keep in mind that the process of getting a file size reduced again and again will impact the quality of the document more than what it was in the previous file.

You can easily determine the size of your file by clicking on the information option and clicking on Properties. PDF files are often too large to be shared with others, and at times email is the only option that has a good cap limit on the file size, otherwise, every other platform has their caps set on lower rates.

You may face this situation almost daily at your workplace, and hence, we recommend using a software to get things done hassle-free.


When zipping files doesn’t work and after you hit the send button in your email, it says, “file is too big”, reducing it is the only option left that you can choose to send some documents. Choose an easy to use software so that the process becomes easy, otherwise you may have to spend a lot of time getting the file compressed.

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