JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2022

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Jonathan Day, famously known as JJ Day Boss. Every person interested in street racing or supercars must have heard the name of this champion street racer. And if you have never heard who he is, I won’t let you miss out on such a great personality.

Jonathan is one of the best racers out there and his car too.
Want to know more details about his car, his life, and especially his net worth? This article will cover it all in brief.

About JJ Da Boss

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This street star was born and brought up in Memphis in Tennessee in the United States of America in the year 1973. His birthday comes on 10th August. His interest in gambling also began at an early age just like his love for racing. Only at the age of 10 this brilliant personality got on the streets and started his mindblowing path towards becoming an amazing street racer. He holds very strong compassion for muscle cars also known as high-performance cars.

Talking about his education, he completed his graduation degree from Rivercrest High School.

Early Life And Family

Information about his parents is not known, he never said anything about them in interviews. All that is known through some sources is that both of his parents were workers and they mainly focused on construction work.

Only a few details about his marriage are known to the public, his wife’s name is Patricia Tricia Day. Though we don’t have information about when they got married, in an interview, Jonathan Day mentioned that he has been with his wife for more than ten years.

His Career And Major Milestones

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He is known especially for his speed on the tracks, the reality TV show by discovery called Street Outlaws made his talent reach people and within a short time, he has hundreds of fans ready to worship him. He’s an incredible racer overall.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About JJ Da Boss

  • During his early years of street racing, many great racers used to make sure that the race was only when he was not on tracks or was not participating in a specific race.
  • An unbelievable fact about his personal life is that he is the father of eleven children, yes you read that right.
  • Only 4 children were born by Patricia but she agreed on keeping all of them and taking care of them, So they live together. Other details about how he has so many children are not specified anywhere.
  • His wife is also a street racer, famously known as the “Midget” because she is short in height but fast on tracks.
  • He was in jail for about 8 years and that slowed his career down a bit. But later he got back on track.

Net Worth

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The Net Worth of Jonathan Day, aka JJ Da Boss, is around 2 million dollars. His major earnings are through street racing and being in some TV shows. He also earns through repairing and modifying cars.

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