Joji Net Worth 2022

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Entertainment is enjoyed by all but creating them is quite a challenge. It is easy to laugh, but difficult to make comedy content.

Joji, also known by his nickname Filthy Frank has made the mark to create such entertainment for the audience.

About Joji

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Joji is a musician from Osaka, Japan, born in September 1992. Though his real name is George Miller, he chose his stage name to be Joji and has indeed gained much popularity. Widely known as Filthy Frank over Youtube has actively posted various videos on playing the ukulele, raps, bizarre challenges, and more.

Later, he closed the youtube channel and focused more on his career as a musician. Today, he is one of the renowned musicians in the comic genre of hip-hop music.

Early Life & Family

Joji was born to a Japanese family who had migrated to the USA while George was still young. George completed his education at Canadian Academy, Japan followed by graduation from the New York Institute of Technology. His nickname Filthy Frank was given by one of his YouTube followers to his first comic video post about diarrhea.

He came up with his 1st music channel as a challenge to his peers that no matter how abusive the post be, his first video post will still get many views. Indeed he managed to get about 10 thousand views on that post which made his channel, “DizastaMusic” permanent on YouTube.

Joji’s Career and Major Milestones

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George was not much committed to pursuing his career as a musician initially. He rather started off being a comedy YouTube maker with different funny video posts. Gradually he started making funny hip hop music with a character named Pink Guy. This made him popular and that is when he took his career seriously and got passionate about music composition.

His passion to create music increased with the demand for Pink Guy as he came up with his first album Pink Guy. He performed on stage in 2017 and that is when he took his new stage name Joji.

Joji launched his music album titled Ballads1 in the year 2018 and with this, he reached the topmost position in the US R&B and landed in the 3rd position from the top in Billboard’s top R&B. Recently in 2022, Joji released another album named Nectar.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Joji

Joji is Daring

Joji has always been a daring individual. He loves taking on challenges and does take it to win them. He is extremely confident and committed to his choices. This made him stand out from the crowd of youngsters who are still struggling to make themselves known.

Joji is a Fun-Loving Guy

Irrespective of many genres of music to choose from, Joji has always taken comedy as his genre, be it for creating music or be it for vlogging. He is fun-loving and intends his followers to laugh out loud.

Net Worth

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The net worth as estimated by June 2022 for Joji is $10 million.

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